Project Info

For a big non-profit organization in The Netherlands, we created avatars for their whole staff. We were pleased to create more then 500 custom made avatars, recognizable, based on photo’s. The avatars are used at their intranet, social media like LinkedIn and Twitter and also they printed a bunch of them to place them in their key cords.  

An avatar for all employees

The project started with a batch of 50 avatars. All custom created, based on portrait photo’s. Because it was a big success, later on they asked us to create an avatar of their whole staff. More then 500 custom made avatars.


GIF animated avatars

A few avatars we made animated as a animated GIF. Below two examples of them.

Creating 500+ avatars

Because of the big amount of employees the company has, and to make the process more economical, we created a template to more easily “compose” an avatar out of a big collection of pre-made components. After composing the correct elements we customized every avatar for more recognition. Some components we used are presented below.